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  • Pam Eschleman - Owner

    Hello everyone!  My name is Pam Eschleman and i am the CEO and founder of cozy+calm. We are a home organizing business based in Northern Kentucky and also serving the Cincinnati area. 

    I have been married for nearly 35 years and we have 2 grown daughters who now live in Louisville with their hubby’s, and we are blessed to have 4 beautiful grandchildren (two girls born 11 weeks apart) and the 2 boy cousins were born on the same day! Crazy!

    My love for organizing began years ago when I became obsessed with reading every organizing magazine and book i could get my hands on!  I’ve struggled along the way just like many of you have to keep the house in order. However, over the years I’ve loved to help others maintain and simplify their daily lives and to see how happy clients are when the job is done. It’s very rewarding! 

    When I’m not organizing a closet or pantry,  i enjoy spending time with my hubby and our favorite shih tzu furbaby!  also, I love seeing my daughters and grandchildren, go shopping, reading, watching tv and social media.

    Hope to see you soon and let the journey begin!