• Home Organizing Services

  • We will do a 1-2 hour walkthrough of each room with any projects you have in mind for your home.  We will work with any existing baskets or containers you may already have before purchasing anything new for your space. Anywhere we can save you money and still have the look you desire, we will accomplish that for you. Any cabinet space or shelves will be measured before buying new products. We will also purchase and research products you may have seen that you want for your space (purchase of products will be paid for by client)

    After the initial walkthrough I will send you a detailed plan through an email or text (whichever you prefer) and then we will set up a date to begin organizing the room you want to start and focus on the vision you have for that area.

    We will also take before and after pictures with your permission and will always be very discreet and keep any job confidential if you prefer not to show any room on social media.

  • We can help you organize your space in the following areas:

    Pantries/Kitchen cabinets
    Living Rooms
    Family Rooms
    Garages (not during summer months)

  • Virtual Organizing

    Many of you may not need for us to make a home visit, but just need a little nudge in the right direction to do it on your own. No problem at all! We can set up a time at your convenience to FaceTime for a chat and to show me your problem area. This service will save you money from our regular home visit and can be set up hourly or in smaller increments of time if you prefer. f you prefer to do four 15 min sessions or three 20 min sessions we can do that for you. However, virtual sessions must be paid for in advance. 

  • Standard Rates

    $75 per hour for home organizing
    $50 per hour for virtual organizing

    Home Organizing Packages

    $195 - 3 hours (Basic)
    $375 - 6 hours (Regular)